Company label at the school entranceThe HAN TONG Chinese school was founded in Basel in 2014 by Qin Xu Hauser. HAN TONG gives children the opportunity to discover Chinese language and culture – whether or not they have prior knowledge of Chinese.

The school located at the edge of Basel city centre is easily accessible both by public and private transportation. Our large garden in the school’s protected rear courtyard offers opportunities for open-air activities.

Our team of trained and dedicated teachers and supervisors takes loving, competent care of children both big and small. HAN TONG places great value on a cordial learning atmosphere in which children develop a joy in the language and rapid success.

HAN TONG is also a place for children to refine their social skills and make friends with other boys and girls.

Chinese school for children
Austrasse 30, 4051 Basel

Tram 6, “Holbeinstrasse” stop /
bus 30, “Steinenschanze” stop /
bus 34, “Synagoge” stop